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This is a love story. Not just a 48 plus year personal romance, but OUR romance with the, “Garden Isle” of Kaua`i. While we traveled to the Aloha State several times before, our first trip to Kaua’i was in June 2004. We have returned 14 times and will continue to venture back to Kaua`i so long as we are able.  Over the course of our fifteen trips to date we have accumulated thousands of photos covering most all aspects of Kaua'i. We share the best photos from our annual Kaua`i adventures in the "Around Kaua`i" galleries, organized North, East, South and West. The "Bill and Terri's Kaua`i" galleries are (will be) photojournals of our trips. The "History in Maps" gallery presents photo images of beautiful historic maps of Kaua`i and Hawaii that we have acquired over the years. They are fascinating.  The newest section is work done for  Kaua`i Vacation Rentals and Real Estate in 2018.  Enjoy our images that reflect our love affair with Kaua`i as you begin your own love affair. We love you, Kaua`i. Thanks for the memories, past, present and future!

Bill and Terri Taylor

NOTE: My dear Terri passed away in February 2019.  We had 48+ great years of marriage, and this site is dedicated to her.  I'll keep coming back as long as I can!

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